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Mentions and tags are not just for giving more information about the post. These features can help you get the most out of your Instagram marketing strategy. We’re sure you must have read a lot about how to make optimum use of Instagram Stories, IGTV, Instagram Reels, and other features the platform has to offer. But apart from these, there are several other minute aspects of Instagram that can help with Instagram marketing.  Just like hashtags, even mentions and tags are important aspects of an Instagram post. But before we get to the ways of using them to enhance our strategies on the platform, let’s understand how these two function differently. 

Why It's Important to Track Social Media Mentions

Uses and Importance of mentions and tags in Instagram marketing

Helps increase reach on Instagram

When you tag or mention an account on your post or comment you are likely to reach a wider audience base. Both tags and mentions help you increase your reach on the platform. The simple reason behind this is that users that are tagged or mentioned in your content are more likely to share that particular post and this increases the visibility of the content. This is why most brands and businesses now make sure to tag and mention! Additionally, it also helps your followers know the people associated with your content. 

Creates another way of engaging

Apart from increasing the post reach, it also helps in engagement. Tagging users in the comments or mentioning them can give them an opportunity to interact with your brand on Instagram. These metrics are crucial for your overall performance on the platform. Just like brands come up with hashtags for campaigns, mentions and tags help brands detect who is following and sharing their content. 

Gives you a deeper understanding of your audience

Most brands are now relying on mentions because it gives them the opportunity to reach a wider audience base. Most businesses and brands on Instagram have come up with a ‘mention your friend’ strategy wherein the users have to mention their friends if they find the post relatable. This helps you know a lot about your audience’s behaviour and psyche. Is the audience finding your content relatable? Is this the audience you want to cater to? And so on.  Apart from this brands can also rely on social media analytics tools like Unbox Social to know about their audience! 

Gives you feedback

In many cases, when brands tag people in their posts they reply in the comments which helps in the framing of brand perception. Sometimes, brands also get feedback on their posts from a varied audience because of the reach which gives them a glimpse of how people feel about their products and services. 

How to write professional product reviews

Do your research

Take a few moments to visit the company website to learn more about their products & philosophy. Read the packaging or label – there is often a surprising amount of information you can glean, just by taking this extra step!

Go beyond liking

Share specific information which educates consumers about the product to help them make an informed decision before they buy. For example., “This yarn is ideal for…..” or “This blocking tool saved me time and yielded professional results” is much more valuable to your readers than simply saying how much you loved the product!

Take great photos 

Rather than relying on the company’s photography, take a few of your own “action shots” to show the product in a new and different way. For more information about taking great blog photos, read this post from the Stitchcraft Blog archives or check out Caro Sheridan’s Shoot It! class on

Be careful with comparisons 

While this type of content is often popular and useful to your readers, many companies shy away from actively promoting reviews which mention their direct competitors, even if their product is being shown in the most favorable light by comparison.

Embrace the unexpected 

Unplanned surprises can be an excellent opportunity to educate consumers – you just might learn something yourself! When things go snap or you experience a craft fail, it doesn’t have to mean that all is lost. Let’s say your first choice of projects wasn’t ideal for the yarn you were given to test out; this is an excellent opportunity to educated your readers about how to match yarn and fiber content to project for the best possible outcome!