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    Что такое целевая страница (Landing Page)?
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    What is landing page?
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    Аватар клиента
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Tips for good landing pages


 1. Keep Landing Page Text to a Minimum

Your landing page is the focal point of your website — you will be tempted to include as much information as possible to ensure that your visitors know what your site is about.

 2. Declutter Your Landing Page

Remove any extraneous visuals, minimize the text, and ensure one goal is only for your landing page. This will ensure that people don’t get lost on your page and fail to convert to your ultimate goal.

 3. Use Infographics

Infographics are easy to read and follow and can captivate the imagination of visitors long enough to reach the conversion stage.

 4. Don’t Be Sales-Forward

Avoid writing headlines that ask visitors to buy a product immediately — many visitors to your landing page aren’t even looking for a product to buy, after all.

Your landing page should give visitors some value addition — offer them something for free, or offer to solve a problem.

Create a connection with your customer — don’t write about your business, but what you can do for the audience.

 5. Strong Call-To-Action

Generally, you will want your customers to perform some kind of action — either to visit your product page, make a purchase directly from your landing page, to read more, to subscribe, to download something, to redeem an offer, or to receive a discount.

This potential step on your landing page needs to be conveyed through a strong call-to-action, which should be obvious and personal, but not overly sales-focused.

Avoid saying “buy this now!” even though you cannot get more direct than that. Instead, use “get a gift card”, “try out…”, or “subscribe for free”.

 6. Unobtrusive Branding

By keeping your branding to a few visible elements only, you will be more able to evoke an emotion in your user that will encourage them to connect with your brand further.

7. Incorporate Colors

Colors are strongly associated with emotions and the right combination can make a massive difference to how a visitor reacts to your page and whether or not they take the desired action.

Use color gradients or overlays of color on images to draw the eye towards your call-to-action. Consider the color you are using for your call-to-action — is it complementing or contrasting with the brand colors on your page?

 8. Use Photos of People

But don’t show your product on its own — show people alongside it. Web visitors will respond far better to seeing a person than an object — we are surrounded by people all day long so we will notice a person first.

Choose your photo models with a goal in mind — what do you want potential customers to feel when they see your images? Accordingly, you can make a decision on what kind of images of people you should use.

 9. Show Your Product In Use

Whether you have a product, service, or digital application that you want to sell, the best way to lead visitors towards conversion is by showing them the value your product can bring to them.

 10. Include Testimonials

Another element that you can include in your landing page is the humble testimonial. Though many brands overuse testimonials — to the point of sounding like they are blowing their own trumpet — testimonials actually help to create connections between site visitors and the brand.

 11. Add Directional Cues

Your landing page is geared towards your call-to-action but what if your site visitor leaves your page before they have even reached the call-to-action button?

You can look at other placements for the button, but that may affect your layout and the page style.

Instead of making any drastic changes, try incorporating subtle visual cues throughout your page to direct your readers’ attention towards the call-to-action.

 12. Add Videos

Online video marketing has become a go-to for most businesses. But while it can be difficult to produce high quality videos, most phone cameras are now able to take decent quality videos.

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