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    Что такое целевая страница (Landing Page)?
  2. Анатомия посадочной страницы
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  3. Формулы для построения посадочных страниц
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  4. Правила использования лендинга
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  5. Этапы перед созданием лендинга
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  6. Типы целевых страниц
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  7. Виды целевых страниц
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  8. Структура лендинга
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  9. Copywrite
    What is landing page?
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  10. Types of landing pages
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  11. Anatomy of landing page
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  12. Formulas of landing pages
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  13. Tips for good landing pages
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  14. Development
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  15. Список полезных плагинов и библиотек для работы с лендингами
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  16. Верстка
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  17. UX for developers
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  18. Customer avatar
    Аватар клиента
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Splash landing pages

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What is a Splash landing page?

Splash pages, or splash screens, are considered the introductory pages that visitors see before discovering the rest of your website (but it’s different from a landing page—more on that below). A splash page is not a standalone page — it’s more of a large window hosted on the main website page. 

A splash page can help you say all the things you need to say right before someone clicks through your homepage. 

Many experts call splash pages virtual business cards. But more than that, a splash page can deliver essential information, like an upcoming event or a promotion, and even evoke a sense of mystery or exclusivity. A splash page generally has a single message and an exit link.

A splash page doesn’t necessarily ask visitors to provide their name or email address.

Splash pages are hosted on your main website, you don’t need to promote them separately.

What is the main purpose of a Splash landing page?

The essential purpose of a splash page is to inform something, for instance, a new company update or a thought-provoking quote.

Splash pages are used for:

  • Ask to select country/language
  • Choose the website version (if available)
  • Collect contact information (not the main goal)
  • Present a disclaimer or warning
  • Ask for age verification
  • Promote an event
  • Alert that the main website has sound enabled
  • Highlight a specific product or service
  • Information on a limited-time sale or event
  • Announcement of new products
  • Warn how long it will take to load the page
  • Sensitive content warnings
  • Requirements for the best user experience on your site (like turn sound on, use Flash Player, run on a specific browser, etc.)


Forbes Splash Page Example
Conversion Gods Splash Page Example

How to write content for Splash landing page?

A splash page can be a welcome screen to the main website or a teaser that gets visitors excited for the website they’re about to view. 

Tips for content: 

Keep your copy short and action-oriented. Don’t make your visitors read paragraphs of copy before they can access your site. 

What to include

  • A meaningful minimal (but important!) copy (this can vary from giving them information about a new product to just giving them a chance to share your website on social networks)
  • A company logo and/ or eye-catching graphics/ background images
  • an exit link that takes the visitor to the main website
  • CTA button