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  1. Введение в Сейлз
  2. Подготовка к Звонку
  3. Первичный звонок с клиентом (скрипт)
  4. Переговоры с клиентом после интервью
  5. Назначение повторного звонка (по необходимости)
  6. Подписание документов (+NDA при необходимости)
  7. Скрипт звонка для сейлз ассистента
  8. Follow Ups клиентам
  9. Чек-лист заданий на день
  10. Передача тимлиду ведения клиента - Introductory call
  11. Ведение проекта
  12. Цветовая разметка ивентов
  13. Ивент в календаре
  14. Сортировка почты
  15. Обновление информации по клиенту (календарь+СРМ) комментарии, контакты, доп. сотрудники
  16. Подбор кандидатов по запросу клиента
  17. Подготовка кандидатов к собеседованию
  18. Как писать комментарии
  19. Оповещение админов о найме сотрудника
  20. Список специальностей
  21. Условия работы с нами
  22. Написание отчета
  23. Фолоу Апы Лидам(календарь) + Презентации лидам (чат LG)
  24. Чек-лист по звонкам
  25. Потенциальные нужды клиента
  26. Структура нашей компании Отделы + Тим Лиды
  27. Видео-инструкция "Фолоу апы и разметка календаря"
  28. Видео-инструкция "Договора - создание и заливка на DocuSign"
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Список специальностей



Project Manager – is a starting position in an IT company, where you need to be able to listen to the team, communicate with the customer, get out of conflict situations, control the quality and implementation of the project on time and within budget.
Project Manager responsibilities:

  • project management as a whole;
  • drawing up a work plan (design and task assigning for the team);
  • team organization to work on the project;
  • interview new team members, determine priorities for their successful implementation;
  • create a working atmosphere in the team;
  • interaction with the team and the customer;
  • troubleshooting in order to complete a project on time and meet client-driven requirements.

Lead Generator Manager – is about finding potential customers.
Работает с: CRM системой Worksuite, которая очень похож к Hubspot, 1C, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Data Analysis, Data Entry, Data Search, Excel, Google Adwords, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Paint, Slack, ZBrush. 

Data Entry Specialist – is a person who works with documents of different formats, carries out the input and verification of information, is engaged in typing texts, as well as compiling tables. Data entry means transferring information from one source to another.

Tasks of Data Entry Specialist:

  • Search and processing information;
  • Work with Documentation;
  • Analysis of the collected information.

Content Manager (copywriter, editor, screenwriter, proofreader) – is the person who searches for relevant information, writes texts, and selects photo and video materials, processes them and publishes them. 

In other words, the content manager is the person who is responsible for filling websites and social media pages with content.
Работают с: 1С, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Advengo, Ahref, App Annie, C#.Net, Canva, Copywriting, Corel Draw, CPA, CPI, CPL, Creative writing, CRM, Data Analysis, Data Entry, Data Search, Excel, Facebook Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, Fidelio, Flurry, Game Analytics, GIT, Google Ads, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets, HTML, Keyassort, Key Collector, LibreOffice Writer,  Lightroom, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, MLA, Paint, Semrush, Servio, SIP, SMM, SQL, Tilda, Traffic Optimization, Trello, XMind.

SMM Manager (content plan, social networks, posting)- is a person who is primarily enthusiastic about social networks and cannot imagine life without them. He/she is aware of discussed topics on Facebook and the most viewed posts on Instagram. You need to be a confident social media user to try your hand as an SMM manager.

The main responsibilities of the SMM manager include:

  • Development of a strategy for the company in social networks.
  • Creation and design of thematic communities, groups, pages.
  • Drawing up content plans.
  • Content generation.
  • Promotion of groups, pages, etc.
  • Paid Advertising – Targeting
  • Communication
  • Report writing and analytical work.

Chat operator – is a website online consultant (an online website operator), who answers all questions of visitors and buyers in real-time. A specialist is to answer customer requests, tell customers about the website and show where everything is located, as any consultant in a real store.

The main task of an online operator is:

  • immediately answer a call or a message from the client;
  • to correspond with the client base;
  • to take customer queries and resolve issues on the basis of customer service standards;
  • provide fast, high-quality and accurate information to customers.

Product Manager – realise the nuances of digital marketing, know how to sell, develop and advertise the services we provide.

Responsibilities of a Product Manager include:

  • Full understanding of our services and their development.
  • Productive teamwork
  • Knowledge of the basics of effective advertising.
  • The ability to adapt to the requirements of international customers and successfully fulfil them.

Personal Assistant – The personal assistant position assumes that the person holding this position will perform various administrative tasks ranging from looking on the internet for information, ending with the creation and filling of various databases.

A personal assistant is able to work with online documents and software for remote work:

  • Google Sheets, Google Docs & Slides, etc.
  • Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp, and other messengers.
  • Video conferencing services: Zoom, Skype, Hangouts Meet, and others.

Работает с: Adobe Photoshop, Data Analysis, Data Entry, Data Search, Google Adwords, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Office. 

Tourism Manager – is an expert on organizing tourist trips and selecting tours and destinations for recreation.

Responsibilities of a Tourism Manager:

  • a dynamic work, multitasking;
  • work with a great deal of information;
  • good customer service;
  • constant communication with people via phone or instant messengers;
  • interaction with a tour operator and the client;
  • quick troubleshooting during a tour booking to provide a comfortable stay for clients.

HR Manager – Human resources managers supervise a company or organization’s hiring process, from recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff. They help connect executives with  employees, build an employer brand, improve employee engagement, and build strategic talent resources plans.

What human resources management services can you get by hiring our remote HR managers/assistants?

  • Recruiting and head – hunting
  • Monitoring the labor market, owning information about the current situation with personnel, average wages in the market and informing management about it.
  • Planning for personnel needs in the near future and in the long term, creating a reserve of employees, as well as an operational search for the right specialists.
  • Search for new sources and methods for finding professional employees.
  • Recruitment, selection and evaluation of applicants. Interviewing candidates.


Targetologist (PPC manager, Google Ads specialist, Facebook ad manager) – is a person, engaged in setting up targeted advertising in search engines, social networks, and advertising systems.

The targetologist’s task is to customize advertising in a way that attracts the right audience.

Responsibilities of the Targetologist include:

  • the main responsibility of the targeting specialist is the high-quality customization of advertising for a specific target audience to attract customers;
  • to develop strategies, create and control advertising campaigns.

SEO Specialist – is aimed at increasing page speed, website traffic and improving website indexing. It includes keyword selection for Title and Description, drawing up a semantic core, competitor analysis. SEO optimization is intended to improve a website ranking according to users’ requests, tasks set concerning internal and external optimization.

SEO specialist’s responsibilities:

  • Drawing up of a semantic core;
  • Website structure creation;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Building and following the website promotion strategy;
  • The website analysis in accordance with the keyword relevance;
  • Link Building.

Работает с: 1C, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, C#.Net, Canva, CPA, CPI, CPL, Data Analysis, Data Entry, Data Search, GIT, Google Ads, Google Adwords, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Libre Office Writer, Lightroom, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, MLA, Paint, SMM, SQL, Tilda, Traffic Optimization, Trello, Window Forms, XMind.

Email Marketer  – is a specialist who provides email marketing services, creates and distributes emails to users’ addresses in order to expand the client base. The main task of an email marketer is to establish contact with potential consumers and build trusting relationships with them.

Email marketer is responsible for:

  • Email marketing strategy development;
  • Digital audience analysis;
  • Creating and customizing email content; 
  • Dealing with follower base; 
  • Choosing the letter style and adjusting it for a specific situation, event, or news;
  • Making up the text of the letter, defining the visual content.

Affiliate Manager – is a person who is not engaged in sales but Affiliate marketing and searching for various platforms (websites,social networks) to post links with a product that people may take interest in.

Affiliate manager responsibilities:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Partner searching
  • Partners support
  • Strategy development
  • «Product-Partner-Traffic»
  • Knowledge of the following terms: CPC, CPM, CTR, CPA
  • Analysis of advertising campaigns
  • Ability to work with Excel
  • Ability to interact with people

Traffic Manager – is a relatively new profession that is taking the world by storm. This is due to the increase in product promotion via the Internet and the opportunity to become an expert in the short run and work after completing courses or mastering Internet information.

A traffic manager is an advertisement manager specialist, a person who is responsible for ad placement and everything related to the advertisement.

Responsibilities of the traffic manager include:

  • Work with advertising accounts (Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram etc.);
  • Advertising campaigns creation;
  • Advertising campaigns analysis;
  • Work with other team members: designers, copywriters;
  • Ability to hold A/B testing of campaigns;
  • Аccount keeping;
  • Dealing with budgets.

PR Manager – (public relations manager) is a media and public relations specialist who is responsible for planning and directing the creation of materials in order to support or improve the public image of their employer or client.

The responsibilities of the PR manager:

  • Working with online publications around the world;
  • Publishing or posting promotional materials and reviews about our company;
  • Analysis of site owners according to the indicators we provided and work with spreadsheet applications;
  • Organization of work on public relations and mass media.

Media Buyer – is an expert at purchasing and advertising media space. He is responsible for promoting and posting advertising products on informational platforms, on the Internet and social networks. Media buyer jobs are associated with reaching out to mass media, purchasing advertising space in newspapers, various public pages, Google and Facebook advertising companies, Youtube, Telegram-channels, news and specialized resources.

Media Buyer activity is involved in advertisement, entrepreneurship, cost of advertising in mass media and negotiation skills.

Работает с: CPA, CPI, CPL, Data Analysis, Data Entry, Dara Search, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Office, Traffic Optimization.

WordPress Developer – WordPress upgrade involves an independent code writing that interacts with a basic WordPress code. If you make a mistake during the code writing process you will not need to reinstall the whole WordPress. Basic code will stay safe. 

What skills should a WordPress developer possess:

  • Basic knowledge of PHP, OOP, JS, jQuery, CSS, HTML;
  • Work experience with WordPress / WooCommerce;
  • Engagement with different complexity plugins;
  • Ability to work with Elementor / Divi;
  • Cross-browser and adaptive layout;
  • Interest in new technologies, pursuit to be trained and develop skills.
  • Responsibility, attention to detail.

Angular Developer – is a programmer who is aware of HTML, CSS, JavaScript layout and has taken up the study of the framework.

Main responsibilities:

  • Development of a new custom functionality;
  • Web application development;
  • App optimization for maximum speed and scale;
  • Proposal of technical solutions;
  • Ensuring the technical feasibility of UI / UX designs.

Webmaster – The main responsibilities of the webmaster are:

  • Development and optimization of websites on various CMS;
  • Traffic control;
  • Website promotion to Western markets;
  • Traffic analysis;
  • Website optimization according to the client’s request.

Full stack Developer – is a universal programmer. He can develop a functional product without having a foundation, that is, from scratch. Also the full stack developer knows a lot about the technology stack, a specific set of technologies.

Full Stack web developer. Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Participation in website design.
  • Layout of sites, promo pages (Landing Page).
  • Working with the existing code.
  • Monitoring the status of servers.
  • Working with system modules.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Version control, database, continuous integration ..
  • Project development from scratch, as well as revision of existing ones.
  • Interaction with designers and other developers.
  • Cross-browser and responsive HTML5 / CSS3 layout.
  • Work with the user interface to provide visualization and animation of pages.

Back-End Developer – is associated with WordPress optimization, installing and adjusting the plugins, templates, loading speed and server operation. Knowledge of PHP and Javascript is required.

What a back-end developer know and is able to do:

  • PHP knowledge;
  • Experience of working with CMS. For example: WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, etc;
  • Understanding of front-end web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Experience in API.
  • Familiar with the Git version control system (and have a GitHub profile).

Front-End Developer – HTML and CSS, the JavaScript programming language and its libraries.
Main Responsibilities of a Front End developer:

  • project development from scratch and revision of existing projects;
  • participation in a website design;
  • layout of sites, templates, email newsletters, promo pages (Landing Page);
  • binding scripts to the user interface that provide visualization and animation of website pages;
  • optimization and expansion of the functionality of the existing code.

Работает с: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, AJAX, Avocode, Bootstrap, Bootstrap 4, CSS, CSS-preprocessor (SASS/LESS), CSS3, Data Analysis, Data Entry, Data Search, Djaengo, Docker, Figma, Flexbox, FTP, GIT, GITHub, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gulp, HTML, HTML5, Java Script, Jira, Joomla, JQuery, Liquid, MySQL, Node.js, OOP, Open Cart, Paint, Photoshop, PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, React, React.js, Redmine CRM, Redux, REST, REST API, shopify, WordPress, YouTrack, Zeplin.
Java Developer – is a specialist who is engaged in the creation of complex corporate systems for processing data applying a programming language. The task of a Java developer is to write codes in order to improve the work of applications, websites, messengers, etc.

Java Developer skills: 

  • Knowledge of Java Core, Java, Spring, IntelliJ IDEA, Jasper, JMS, Maven, Tomcat, JUnit, SQL, XML, REST, SOAP, WSDL;
  • Experience of dealing with SQL databases;
  • Understanding of OOP and OOAD principles, data structures, algorithms, databases and networks;
  • Familiarity with project management and version control systems (Jira, Git, etc.);
  • English knowledge(B1+);
  • Knowledge of different programming languages;
  • Communication skills;
  • Experience in the development of IT applications / systems.

Magento Developer – is a specialist who is involved in online store creating.

Magento is one of the most popular open systems for online e-commerce: more than 100,000 online stores have been created on the basis of this platform.

 Magento Developer skills:

  • IT degree;
  • English at the level of reading technical documentation;
  • knowledge of PHP, MyS’L, JavaScript, Apache / NGINX, Linux CLI;
  • experience with Magento;
  • the ability to work with Magento Layout and XML;
  • basic understanding of JS’s work at Magento2 (RequireJS);
  • experience with REST API;
  • flexible analytical thinking, 
  • training capacity, perseverance in finding solutions and achieving goals;
  • strong understanding of the OPP principles;
  • basic HTML/CSS skills;
  • сommunication, initiative and desire to develop and grow.

PHP Developer – is engaged in writing endless codes as well as a PHP programmer. However, the developer’s job is not so formulaic as a programmer’s one. It includes far more responsibilities and tasks. The main task of a developer lies not only in programming but also in creating one, overall website, game or application picture. In a nutshell, the developer gets the hang of conception, architecture, and technical tasks. The responsibilities include creating and handling what has been developed (website, game, program software).

PHP Developer skills:

  • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS;
  • Web development experience on popular cms (wordpress, modx, opencart, magento,etc);
  • Basic understanding of OOP/MVC principles;
  • Knowledge of PHP and MySQL;
  • Basic knowledge of Git, Composer;
  • Experience with twig and blade templates;
  • Experience with Yii2, Lavarel.

Shopify Developer – creation of new functional opportunities on the platform; experience in the application development, (mobile platforms development will be an advantage); planning and development, concept creation of new functions in PHP; support and improvement of existing web applications; ability to write code.
Basic tasks and requirements:

  • creation of new functional opportunities on the platform;
  • experience in the application development, (mobile platforms development will be an advantage);
  • planning and development, concept creation of new functions in PHP;
  • support and improvement of existing web applications;
  • ability to write code.

UX Tester – is a specialist who tests the quality of software and to which extent it meets the predetermined requirements and expected results.
QA specialists develop and realise tactics to improve quality at each level of production:

  • Standards preparation and establishment;
  • Quality analysis;
  • Tools choice;
  • Bugs prevention; 
  • Constant process improvement.

.Net Developer – C# / NET developer – is a programmer who applies technologies of the NET platform in his work. This platform consists of a number of development tools and technologies where developers create various types of applications, from ordinary desktop apps and websites to the most complex solutions for mobile platforms and computer games.
.Net Developer skills:

  • experience in developing ASP Net MVC Framework, Web API;
  • knowledge of NET Framework and C #;
  • knowledge of ASP Net MVC Framework;
  • knowledge of the Net platform, ASPNet Core;
  • knowledge of HTML, CSS;
  • practical skills in working with MSSQL databases;
  • willingness to work and ability to learn;
  • systematic approach and quick-thinking;
  • Self-organization;
  • teamwork skills.


  • Motion Designer
  • Video Editor 
  • Virtual Print Designer 
  • Illustrator 
  • Creative Advertising Maker
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Artful Web Creator
  • Graphic Producer
  • Intelligent Corporate Design

Работает с: 3D MAX, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe XD, Archicad, AutoCAD, Autodesk Maya, Axure RP 9, Blender, CRM, Data analysis, Data Entry, Data Search, Figma, Google Adwords, Google Docs, Google Sheets, HTML/CSS, Illustrator, iMovie, inDesign, Invision, Microsoft PowerPoint, Movavi, MS Office, Paint, PaintTool SAI, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Protopie, Sketch, Slack, Sony Vegas, Sony Vegas Pro, Tilda, WordPress, Zeplin.