• У Вас десяток непрочитанных сообщений, и этот красненький значок уведомления который Вы так ждали?  Переходим и начинаем просматривать сообщения. Глаза разбегаются? Вы не уверены, что ответить? У нас есть группа в вайбере #LedGen Remote Helpers, куда Вы можете скинуть скрин вопроса и получить ответ. Мы упоминали об этом в статье выше. Предлагаем Вам подборку часто задаваемых вопросов (Frequently Asked Questions)  и ответов, которые помогут Вам в работе:

Location (Where are you located? Where is your headquarter located? What city are you currently based in? etc)

At the moment we have four offices in Donetsk and one in Kharkov

Pricing (How much does it cost? How much do you charge for…?                                                                                  The prices are 1000€ for a manager, 1200€ for content and SMM manager, 1200€ for a designer. This is the price per month for a full-time employee (5 days a week/8 hours a day), it includes salaries, office space, equipment etc. There are no additional payments.

Trial period/Part-time

Do you have a Trial (test) period?

No, we already have reasonable prices and we don’t have any minimum commitment. You can stop the services whenever you find out it does not work for you.

Is there a Part-time option? 


  • Do you have *job name*?
    Заходим на наш сайт, смотрим есть или нет. Если есть: Sure, we can provide you with candidates for *job name* Если нет: Уточнить, готов ли заказчик обучать. Если это специальности для менеджеров (media buying, account manager, sales manager, SEO, SMM etc.) Companies, who are hiring employees, train them from scratch and we’re more than satisfied with the result. Experience (how experienced are they? I need 1/2/5 years of experience etc.) Most of our candidates don’t have much experience. They need on-the-job training or team lead to manage them.

Time Zones (how can we work with time gaps?)                                                                                                           

We have employees who can work in your time zone, so it’s not a problem. We are already working with some companies from the USA, Canada.

Another option is that you set daily/weekly targets and get reports from your employee.

Relocation (I need them to relocate; can they move to my country? etc)


How long have your developers been working in PHP?
Each case should be discussed separately, the biggest experience in php is 2 years.

What about fees at your company?

You are paying the company, and the company is paying employees. The payment will include all additional expenses and our fee.

Do you work on any fintech related software/development projects?

Unfortunately no. Mostly we are focused on marketing, design and landings development. However, if you send us your requirements, we can see if there are available candidates for you in our lists.

Hello, do you have experience as a media trader on DSPs and Google Adwords?

We have 4 media companies hiring around 16 of our employees who work as ad ops and account managers.

Do you have gaming companies in your portfolio? Which ones? Do you have Unity developers?

We do have gaming development clients hiring our developers and we do have Unity developers as well.

Do you have call management software and a CRM system?

Yes, we have.

Do you use Slack and similar systems to manage projects and workflow?

Our employees do use Slack

Do you provide targeted location of SEO leads?

Yeap we can, but the charge is per employee work time.

Hi, do you have anyone who is familiar with the landing page building software called Unbounce?

We do have landing pages builders- frontend developers, the rates are 1400€ per month.

Do you have someone who knows Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, let’s schedule a call to discuss all the details. What time works for you?

Do you have someone with Prebid JS/Wordpress/Slideshow experience?

I am not sure about what is prebid, but we do have wordpress web designers and developers.

We need employees with experience in Open RTB / XML / CPI One year of experience is needed(at least).

We do have about 20 employees working in Media buying including RTB and XML but they all are being trained by our clients.

Do you have any staff who are experienced in social media marketing?

We have over 80 employees engaged in digital marketing, so yes we do have social media managers.

How much do you charge for a ppc/campaign manager?


Do you have references, testimonials and case-studies?

We have 35 companies hiring 100 of our employees. But as you can imagine, not many of them are happy to notify that they are using cheaper labour. So we can make a call to get details and video interviews that will dispel your doubts.

Could you please let me know what you have in terms of Lead gen, Finance B2C, Rain Sepp, askRobin?

Only if you have a daily work plan, we don’t have experience in b2c lead gen, mostly b2b. So it would be great if you could teach the basics of workflow- it can take some weeks to catch up.

I need someone to help me with admin tasks, like quotes, billing, bookkeeping. What are the conditions set?

Sure, employee salary including all our expenses will cost you 1000€ per full-time 5 days a week work. Would you like to schedule a call?

I’m looking for a Full stack developer who is familiar with Django, Angular, Docker. Do you have anyone who could meet my requirements?

In the matter of programming languages, we search for people by request. We need to set up a call to see if their way of work suits you.

What type of languages can you choose now from?

HTML, css, PHP, c++, SQL, Unity

Do you have some candidates experienced in media buying or XML feeds? In addition, I’m looking for a social manager designer for a separate project.

5 of our employees are working in media buying. Though they need to be trained, their math background makes the study process fast and easy.
88 of our employees are designers, so social media management is one of the popular positions in our company.

Do you have mechanical design engineers and people who can design machine controls, like PLC programming?

No, sorry. It’s too specific for us. Maybe we could help you with other tasks like lead generation, SMM etc?

Do you have experienced PHP developers with knowledge of PHP, Laraval, API, and Webshop systems?

Yes we do, let’s schedule a call to discuss all small details

I am looking for a senior Magento developer. Whom can you suggest and how much do you charge for your employees?

Development is not our specialization therefore we don’t have senior developers. Maybe we could help you with the marketing part of your business?

Do you have senior positions too? Like senior admin (windows/ azure)

Unfortunately, we don’t have senior positions as business model

Do you have biostatisticians used to work with SAS in clinical trials?

No, sorry, it’s too specific for us. Maybe we could help you with marketing aspects of your business?

Do you have Symfony developers?

Actually, this is the first request for a symphony we get. Can we make a call to see if our conditions suit you?

What is the minimal hiring period?

We don’t have a minimum commitment, but we hope for long term employment.

Do you have 3D graphic designers?

We do, let’s have a short call to see if our conditions suit you

Do you have developers who have work experience with Haskell? If yes, do they have a proven track record (5 years minimum)?

Actually, we are specializing in the digital marketing sphere and our developers have a maximum 1-2 year of experience. If you need help with your marketing part it can be a match.

I need a data scientist who is aware of how to use Google cloud that perfectly integrates with Google API’s. Do you have anyone like that?

We are at a much lower stage of development, since we mainly focused on marketing.

Have you built a VR multiplayer app?

We do have VR developers and VR projects done.

Do you have someone specialized in artificial intelligence?

That is not something we have on standby, but we have a number of additional professionals. If you want to hear about them we can go further.

I need a native expert. Preferably people who did arbitrage search in the past. Are you guys familiar with this flow?

We can promptly provide you with English speaking managers for full-time at  good price. The only question left: Can you write down the workflow splitting it to simple tasks and teach them?

Do you do contract work for projects?

We do contract based on monthly salaries

I am seeking professional translators and proofreaders. Do you have any?

We do have plenty of translators and none of proofreaders.

My urgent needs are scientists (neuroscientists/behavioral-cognitive scientists), after that I will need data scientists and game designers/developers.

It’s not a regular request and we don’t have neuroscientists/behavioral-cognitive scientists on board, but we will try our best to find one. The difficulty is that he/she also needs to know English as I assume.
Regarding Game developers and designers, we do have candidates for you now, however by the time you may need one, they might be hired already. Let’s get in touch when you need our help.

Do you have people who can work with after effects and premiere pro?

Designers are the part of our project, so yes we do have video editors.

I am looking for people who can work with Facebook ads and Google ads. Do you have good specialists? If yes, can you send me their results (portfolio)?

We do have people with analytic and languages skills, but you will need to train them in order to make it work.

Do you also have contacts with investors to finance projects?

We can provide you with a virtual assistant to conclude a contact with investors.

Is it possible to see examples of articles?

We can make a test

Do you have an experienced developer who is aware of JTL Shop?

We have developers, but they do not work with JTL shops

I am looking for Drupal and AEM developers

We have developers among our staff except Drupal. There are some front-end and back-end developers who engage with PHP, React, HTML, CSS, Vue.js, and so on. Does that work for you?